Rzeszow to host Hydrogen Valley cluster

The Podkarpacie region will be enriched with the Hydrogen Valley – one of the first in Poland. On May 19, a letter of intent was signed on the creation of the Podkarpackie Wodorowa Valley. The plan is to develop hydrogen production from electrolysis using surplus electricity from RES.

The agreement on the creation of the Hydrogen Valley was signed personally by Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki, and local government authorities and representatives of the world of science and business. The letter of intent assumes cooperation to create a business and technological environment in order to build the Hydrogen Valley, based on the production of hydrogen in the electrolysis process using surplus energy produced from RES installations. The scientific and research potential will be used to undertake industrial ventures and investment projects aimed at building common circular hydrogen value chains. In addition, an exchange of information and experiences related to building a hydrogen economy is planned.

Podkarpacka Dolina Wodorowa will allow to use, above all, the potential of Rzeszów and the region, and to build a place where fuel cells, hydrogen buses will be produced, and low-emission hydrogen will be used on a large scale.
The National Reconstruction Plan provides for support for hydrogen technologies

The Polish Hydrogen Valleys Innovation Ecosystem will include innovative industrial undertakings, large-scale, long-term investment projects implemented within a specific geographical area.

  • “The Hydrogen Valley should connect the largest possible number of links in the value chain, placing particular emphasis on the development of research and development and investment projects in order to meet the maximum number of customers’ needs in many areas simultaneously”, explained Kurtyka.

The draft of the Polish Hydrogen Strategy until 2030, which is in the final stage of development, is determined by the goal of achieving the capacity of the installation of low-emission sources, processes and technologies for the production of hydrogen and its derivatives at the level of 2 GW, including in particular the installation of electrolysers. The draft document also provides for the commencement of operation of 800 – 1,000 new hydrogen buses, including those manufactured in Poland; at least 32 hydrogen refueling and bunkering stations will be built.


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