Gowin kicked out of the government, risking key business reforms

The resignation of Jarosław Gowin significantly complicates the already difficult situation of Polish business in the pandemic reality. Gowin, although formally a signatory to the Polish New Deal, has repeatedly criticized individual elements of the tax reform as being harmful to Polish business.

And apparently he went too far in criticism, because the leader of the Covenant was dismissed from the post of deputy prime minister at the request of Mateusz Morawiecki, which was announced at a hastily organized press conference. The president supported the Prime Minister’s motion, which sealed the fate of Jarosław Gowin.

Meanwhile, as reported by “Puls Bizesu”, Gowin’s departure is bad news for the business, and so damaged by the pandemic. The former deputy prime minister worked on projects important from the point of view of entrepreneurs.

“The further fate of, for example, the so-called Legal shield for companies, i.e. the program for the elimination of the still existing bureaucratic barriers (box), the REIT act (investments in real estate leasing), the so-called a housing package, regulations of the spatial planning system or facilities for the construction of onshore wind farms” .


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