Government soon to announce 5G strategy

A plan for the implementation of 5G technology is practically finished and it should be adopted by the government in the form of a resolution soon, Minister of Digital Affairs Marek Zagórski told PAP.

“We’re finishing up work on the document, which we tentatively call the strategy for 5G, because formally this is a type of implementation plan that will describe in detail the activities on the side of the telecommunications operators and on the side of the administration, including the Office of Electronic Communication. Shortly, we’ll submit it to the Council of Ministers and I expect that it will be adopted in the form of a resolution, as a document outlining the tasks for individual entities and institutions that are planning to and should participate in it,” Zagórski said.

Zagórski also mentioned that at the same time work is ongoing in the parliament on revisions to a so-called mega-bill and telecommunications law, which will also have an effect on investments related to the development of 5G technology in Poland.

The modifications of the mega-bill, as the bill which is to support the development of telecommunications networks and services is called, are expected to ease the expansion of the fiber-optic network in Poland.

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