Google in tech-hiring spree in Wroclaw

The new Google team from Wrocław is to assist in the implementation of cloud computing for Google Cloud customers throughout Europe.

By expanding its offices in Wrocław, Google is launching a new team in it, which will be responsible for the implementation of Google cloud computing services for the company’s largest clients in Poland and Europe. As the representatives of the giant announce, engineers and engineers specializing in this technology as well as people with experience in designing and implementing such projects will find employment here.
Who is Google looking for?

First of all, people with IT and mathematics education who have experience in working with cloud infrastructure, creating and optimizing applications, data migration, and also know programming languages ​​such as Java, Python, Go, JavaScript, C ++. The company is also looking for data architects and architects as well as people experienced in managing and consulting projects related to cloud computing technologies. Information on recruitment will appear on an ongoing basis on Google’s websites. The first job offers are now available on The company has not yet specified how many people it will ultimately employ in Wrocław.

These plans are a continuation of Google’s presence in Wrocław. The office was opened in 2007 and currently employs approximately 100 people. The investment in Wrocław precedes the upcoming opening of the first Google Cloud region in Warsaw in Central and Eastern Europe, i.e. a data processing center that will enable Polish companies to use cloud technologies even easier, more efficiently and safely.


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