Google Cloud and Polsat Plus Group have announced a strategic partnership

Google Cloud and the Polsat Plus Group (GPP) have announced a strategic partnership in which Google will sign its first clean and green power purchase agreement in Poland, the companies said. Polsat Plus Group will accelerate its technological development and digital transformation by using Google Cloud solutions.

“Google’s agreement with Polsat Plus Group for the purchase of clean and green energy is the first Google Cloud agreement in Poland for the purchase of renewable energy. The energy will come from the Przyrów Wind Farm, which Polsat Plus Group and ZE PAK plan to launch in Q4 2024. The target capacity of the wind power plant, consisting of 14 wind turbines, is 50.4 MW, which will allow annual production of about 105 GWh of energy. The wind power plant in Przyrów will raise the share of clean and renewable energy in Poland’s energy mix and contribute to the decarbonization of both the Polish energy sector and Google Cloud’s operations,” the release reads.

As part of Strategy 2023+, the Polsat Plus Group – in addition to its existing two pillars: media/content and telecommunications – is developing a new third business segment of clean energy in partnership with ZE PAK starting in 2021. As part of its strategy, the Group is investing in new, renewable sources of clean energy. Currently, the installed capacity of clean energy is about 330 MW; in 2025 it will be 740 MW, including onshore wind farm projects with a total capacity of nearly 300 MW. Other projects include solar (photovoltaic) farms with a target total capacity of more than 340 MW. In Strategy 2023+, the target installed green capacity is 1,000 MW. This is estimated to help reduce CO2 emissions in the Polish economy by more than 2 million tons per year. The Polsat Plus Group’s activities related to building a hydrogen economy in Poland are also an important segment in the clean energy sector, the material indicated.

Polsat Plus Group, meanwhile, will receive strong content support from Google Cloud for long-term support of its business development and innovation, it also stressed.

“To support its growth and adapt to changing customer needs, Polsat Plus Group will migrate part of its IT infrastructure to Google’s green-powered cloud services. Cloud solutions mean greater flexibility in the choice of IT services and tools, faster and more efficient customization of products and services for customers, easier access and analysis of data from various sources, reduced costs of maintaining in-house infrastructure and through off-the-shelf components, shorter time to deliver new applications, reduced costs as ‘cloudization’ progresses, reduced number of systems, as well as lower energy consumption,” – it further reads.

As part of the strategic partnership, IT employees of Polsat Plus Group companies (including Polkomtel, Netia, Oktawave) will gain strong training support from Google on the latest Google cloud solutions, with a particular focus on machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) skills. This will allow the company to take full advantage of the power of cloud computing for the benefit of new solutions introduced for the Group’s customers, it also stated.

“I am delighted that Polsat Plus Group and Google Cloud have joined together in a strategic partnership that will be implemented both in the area of modern technology and energy transformation. This is great news for the future and development of our Group, whose three main pillars of activity are media, telecommunications and clean energy production.” – Zygmunt Solorz, the founder and majority shareholder of the Polsat Plus Group, commented in the announcement.

Polsat Plus Group Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board Piotr Zak announced that the Group will want to offer – primarily through Netia and Oktawave, which specialize in offering cloud solutions – solutions based on Google Cloud, especially to business clients.

Cyfrowy Polsat and Polkomtel (Polsat Plus Group) form an integrated media and telecommunications group controlled by Zygmunt Solorz. The company’s shares have been listed on the WSE since 2008; the company is part of the WIG20 index.


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