Wisconsin trade mission to Poland

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation is organizing a virtual Global Trade Venture to Poland from June 14-25, 2021, to help Wisconsin companies export their products and services to Poland, and in the process develop more robust trade ties between the two markets.

Poland’s imports are dominated by manufacturing equipment and inputs that go into other products that can then be exported. Sectors of Wisconsin’s economy with the greatest export potential in Poland include industrial machinery, electronic equipment, optical products and medical equipment, plastics and chemicals. In general, Poland is a strong market for industrial and automation machinery, automotive parts, agricultural machinery, and food processing equipment and supplies.

Due to its location right next door to Germany and the fact that it still has a slight price advantage over German suppliers, Polish manufacturers are well-integrated suppliers of parts and components to German original equipment manufacturers. Wisconsin companies can, in turn, play a part in supplying parts, components and production machinery to these Polish firms.

Polish companies generally hold positive attitudes about U.S.-made products and U.S. companies; well-established business relationships have existed between U.S. and Polish firms for many years. That being said, a Wisconsin company looking to export to Poland should have an understanding of the export process and should also have its products CE certified. Since so many competitors for Wisconsin firms can be found in neighboring Germany, Wisconsin exporters need to have developed a strong value proposition with distinct market differentiators. Companies with previous exporting experience can receive guidance in developing their pitch for the Polish market as part of their participation in the virtual trade venture.

WEDC’s in-market trade rep will screen businesses for the best matches to your firm’s target partner, whether that’s a distributor, agent, or end-user customer. We will schedule video meetings for you with the best prospects and arrange for interpreters when needed. Participating in a virtual trade venture is much less expensive than traveling to the market for an exploratory visit. With a series of virtual meetings, you will be able to evaluate a number of candidates and select the top ones to visit and engage in more in-depth conversations once restrictions on international business travel are lifted.

Because of the time difference between Wisconsin and Poland, meetings will be held in the morning in Wisconsin/afternoon in Poland, over the span of a two-week period.


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