Global Cosmed has introduced the Sofin product line for people with visual disabilities

The subsidiary Global Cosmed has introduced an innovative line of products under the Sofin brand (concentrated washing liquids) to meet the special needs of people with visual disabilities, Global Cosmed reported.

The opinions of people with disabilities and the lack of commonly used solutions for similar products on the market were factors that led to the emergence of these important product innovations as part of the subsidiary's operations, it was reported.

“The label of the modified product bottle has a specially marked QR code that can be read using publicly available telephone applications. There is a small protrusion next to the QR code at the bottom of the bottle to locate the code. The scanned code leads the consumer to a website with a digital description of the product label and a lot of additional information so far impossible to put on the packaging due to limited space. [...] The introduced solution represents a significant value and is of particular importance for the issuer, both in financial and social terms. It is another activity aimed at building an organization meeting the strict ESG criteria, ”the release reads.

The Global Cosmed capital group associates companies producing and distributing cosmetic products and household chemicals. It focuses on the development of its strategic brands, ie Kret, Sofin, Apart Natural and Bobini. The company has been listed on the WSE since 2013.

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