GK4 FOOD has joined the Bio Planet shareholders’ agreement

Bio Planet S.A. received a notification about a change in the structure and shareholding in the total number of votes in the company. The number of the Company's shares held by the Agreement of Shareholders increased from 50.35% to 60.35% of the total number of votes at the General Meeting of the Company. GK4 FOOD, controlled by Grzegorz Krychowiak, also joined the shareholders' agreement.

On April 14, Bio Planet received a notification of a change in ownership as a result of the Shareholders' Agreement. Under the agreement, the shareholders hold a total of 60.35% of the total number of shares, which entitles to 1,810,623 votes at the general meeting of the Company. The shareholders' meeting also included the GK4 FOOD company controlled by Grzegorz Krychowiak with a 10% share in the share capital.

“Joining the shareholding of GK Food is a consequence of participation in the public offering of shares and strengthening our position on the market. After the success of the public offering, the Company emerged much stronger. The market is now waiting for the further implementation of our strategic assumptions, i.e. the construction of an organic food packaging plant. A few days ago, we signed a contract with the general contractor and the works started in full swing as planned. On the wave of further trust of our shareholders, we are ready to further develop the company and enter a new level. The priority in the near future is to use new food packaging plants and the resulting increase in the scale of operations, "says Sylwester Strużyna, President of the Management Board of Bio Planet S.A.

Bio Planet S.A. is currently a leader among organic food suppliers in Poland. The company's activity is focused on the packaging and distribution of organic food. Its offer includes approx. 7.0 thousand. sales indices covering durable products and fresh products. Since 2007, the products of Bio Planet S.A. have the AGRO BIO TEST certificate (PL-EKO-07-07904), which is the basis for qualifying the food offered by the Company as organic food (bio food).

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