GK Immobile had initially PLN 445.06 million in revenues in the first half od 2022

The Immobile Capital Group (GK Immobile) had PLN 445.06 million in revenues from external clients in the first half of 2022 compared to PLN 226.56 million a year earlier, the company said, citing preliminary data.

“According to the published data, the company almost doubled its consolidated sales revenues in the first half of 2022 - from PLN 226.56 million in the same period last year to PLN 445.06 million now. The increase in sales was recorded in all operating segments of the group. In the hotel industry, sales increased by 285%, to the level of 55.19 million; in industrial construction by 227%, to the level of 135.45 million, in industry by 52%, to the level of 123.3 million; in automation and power engineering by 69%, to the level of 65.45 million, in the clothing segment by 56%, to the level of 36.47 million; in development by 6%, to the level of 27.37 million, and in the lease of assets by 11%, to the amount of PLN 1.84 million ”- we read in the release.

The decision to disclose the estimated sales revenues from external customers of its capital group, before the publication of the financial statements for the first half of this year, is motivated by the management board with the company's transparent information policy and the willingness to enable the market to analyze its financial situation on a current basis.

“The company's transparent communication also facilitates the assessment of its current situation by our shareholders. We want to give them more frequent and faster access to information than the one required of us as an issuer by the publication of periodic reports, ”said the president of GK Immobile, Rafał Jerzy, quoted in the material.

The Immobile Capital Group is a Bydgoszcz conglomerate, listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2007. Its portfolio includes companies operating in industry, hotel industry, development, clothing industry, automation and power engineering as well as industrial construction.

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