Girteka Logistics opens transport base in Poznan

Girteka Logistics, one of the leading transport and logistics companies in Europe, has opened a transport base in Poznan, Poland. This is another important step for the company towards achieving its goals – to expand its business and to have 10 000 trucks and 20 000 drivers by 2021.

“We are planning to have more than 300 trucks registered in Poznan this year, and about 750 drivers working with them, all part of strengthening our transportation network across Europe,” says Donatas Načajus, Chief Transport Officer at Girteka Logistics.

The new transport base will have its own Driver Training Academy, where drivers will receive quality training to develop skills in safe and economical driving, as well as opportunities to regularly update their knowledge. Similar driver training academies have been established in the company‘s main transport bases in Vilnius, Šiauliai and Smolensk.


“Poznan is ideal because of its geographical convenience and close proximity to the German border and to the A2 – one of the main European highways. Also, Poznan has one of Poland’s best technical universities, which will give us access to the rich pool of transport management specialists studying there,” believes Donatas Načajus

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