Germany industry with “enormous” interest in Poland

Oliver Hermes, chairman of the Committee on Economic Relations with Eastern Europe, met with Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and said that “the interest of German companies especially in the area of ​​digital transformation is enormous”.

The Commission for Economic Relations with Eastern Europe is constantly focusing Germany’s attention on Poland, pointing to the growing importance of our country, also for the German economy. Is German business becoming interested in this direction?

Oliver Hermes points out that “Poland has long ceased to be an extensive workshop”. According to Hermes, this success was also possible thanks to “numerous German investments in production plants in a neighboring country, which have long since become an integral part of the value-added chains of German industry”..

This may be supported by the meeting of the Polish prime minister with representatives of German business scheduled for Wednesday. Hermes emphasizes that “the interest of German companies in talks with Prime Minister Morawiecki is enormous. German business is very interested in cooperation, for example on future topics such as the Green Deal and Industry 4.0”.

In his opinion, “especially in the area of ​​digital transformation, i.e. the implementation of intelligent solutions in many market segments and industries, Germany and Poland can jointly assume a leading role in Europe. Numerous innovative products of German companies are already being developed in Poland. We hope that Wednesday’s talks will contribute to initiate further cooperation “.


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