Poland pulls more manufacturing from Germany, say German Chamber

The head of the Polish-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Lars Gutheil, claims that he is not keeping up with the answers to the inquiries of German entrepreneurs. According to him, especially medium-sized enterprises are interested in both the expansion of plants and new investments in Poland.

The Wirtschaftswoche weekly notes that the power of attracting investors has negative consequences for the regions in Germany where large companies are leaving. The example is the car parts manufacturer Eberspaecher, which closes its plant in Esslingen at the end of the year.

300 employees have to leave and the parking heating systems will be manufactured in Poland. Another company, Valeo-Siemens, sheds 250 jobs in Bad Neustadt and moves production to the vicinity of Krakow, where the workforce is cheaper and more numerous than the highly paid professionals in the current German location.
Such a situation takes place in more cases. “Lufthansa and MTU are here, now more German companies are joining,” the magazine notes.


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