genXone wants to expand its offer in the field of personalized medicine this year

This year, genXone will expand the offer of unique research dedicated to personalized medicine, i.e. focused on precise diagnosis of health problems of individual patients, the company announced. In January, it introduced further studies to its offer, this time concerning medical devices for in vitro diagnostics. A new test has been available since February, detecting 9 tick-borne pathogens. The plans for this year include cooperation with foreign partners in the development of screening tests for several civilization diseases.

“The company actively responds to changes in the market environment and the biotechnology industry, using its competences in nanopore sequencing. GenXone specialists joined the global biotechnology trend involving the development of personalized medicine. This is a radical change in the diagnosis of patients, which primarily takes into account individual aspects related to the health of a given person. It is only thanks to the precise parameters of assessing the health condition of a particular person that an appropriate treatment strategy can be developed for him, which will bring the best results. The company is in talks with domestic and foreign partners in order to expand its research competences and jointly conduct new projects.

In the opinion of the president, Michał Kaszuba, contacts with foreign biotechnology companies bode well for the future.

genXone działa w branży biotechnologicznej i zajmuje się wykorzystaniem technologii sekwencjonowania nanoporowego (NGS) w wielu obszarach nauki i biznesu, w diagnostyce genetycznej, przemyśle spożywczym, weterynarii czy rolnictwie. Akcje spółki są notowane na NewConnect od 2020 r.


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