genXone has a letter of intent to cooperate with Metaceutic Aps regarding the gut microbiome

genXone has signed a letter of intent to cooperate with Metacautic Aps – a Danish entity from the health-tech sector, the company said. The subject of cooperation will be products and services in the field of profiling the microbiome in humans, with particular emphasis on the gut microbiome.

“The first phase of the project will consist in checking the possibility of integrating the solutions used by both companies. The aim of this stage will be to develop solutions that will allow for the development of the activities of both entities. The expected effects of cooperation include the consolidation of research and development works on new products and the joint creation of innovations in the biotechnology industry. The cooperation will enable access to the unique ‘know how’ of both companies and at the same time will contribute to the reduction of operating costs. The works are planned by December 31, 2022 “- the release reads.

genXone operates in the biotechnology industry and deals with the use of nanopore sequencing (NGS) technology in many areas of science and business, including in genetic diagnostics, the food industry, veterinary medicine and agriculture. The company’s shares have been listed on NewConnect since 2020.


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