Genomtec awarded 5th patent for its heating invention

Genomtec S.A., a company from the medical technology industry listed on NewConnect, received the decision of the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland to obtain patent protection for its invention, which is the non-contact heating and detection technology, which can be used not only in genetic tests, as in the case of the Genomtec POCT system ID, developed by the Company, but also in all devices and heating systems applicable outside the medical industry. This is the fifth patent received by Genomtec since the company’s inception and the third one issued by URPL.

“The notification we received today about granting patent protection is particularly important to us. It emphasizes the possibility of using our technology not only in Genomtec®ID, but also in other devices or systems, thus significantly increasing the intellectual value of the Company and its value for shareholders. ” – said Miron Tokarski, president and co-founder of Genomtec.

The subject of the invention, protected by the new patent, is a set for non-contact temperature control, a method of generating wave fronts of electromagnetic radiation and the use of a set for generating profiles of temperature fields.


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