Genomtec to move up from New Connect to WSE Main Market, as genetic diagnostics gains traction

The Management Board of Genomtec has submitted an application to the Office of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (UKNF) for approval of the prospectus drawn up in order to apply for admission and introduction of securities to trading on the regulated market operated by the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE), the company said.

“Moving stock quotes to the main market will be the next step in our long-term strategy. The company is systematically developing, our key product, GenomtecID, is in the final stage of development, so we decided that it was the right time to change the trading floor. We believe that Genomtec is a valuable company, and the transfer of shares will increase our recognition not only among the largest institutional investors in Poland, but also open the door to foreign investors. (…) ”- said the president and co-founder of Genomtec Miron Tokarski.

The flagship solution of GenomtecID, a mobile platform for genetic diagnostics, is entering the final stage of development. According to the presented schedule, GenomtecID will enter the phase of comparative research and clinical evaluation of its devices at the turn of the year.


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