Genomtec has started a review of strategic options, has a contract to estimate the value of IP

Genomtec has decided to begin a review of strategic options, the company said. In addition, the management board signed an agreement with Dennemeyer Consulting GmbH to perform an assessment of the value of the company's intellectual property portfolio.

As part of the ongoing review of strategic options, the management of Genomtec may consider, for example, changing the ownership structure of the company, entering into an alliance or strategic partnership, merging with another entity, including, if necessary, seeking an investor for the company, including a professional entity or a financial investor. Currently, the management board has not made any decisions regarding the selection of a specific option. The mere review of options may be a lengthy process and none of the strategic options may be selected for implementation, underlined.

“We are consistently implementing Genomtec's long-term development strategy. Our Genomtec ID RP5-PLEX diagnostic panel for the simultaneous testing of the presence of five pathogens is already certified for sale in 30 European countries. We also signed the first distribution agreements for our solution. We will continue to strive to expand the distributor base and production capacity. In our opinion, these activities will have a positive impact in achieving our main business goal, which is invariably licensing or selling technology to a global strategic partner, ”said Genomtec CEO Miron Tokarski, quoted in the release.

Genomtec is an innovative technology company founded in 2016 in Wrocław. Works in the area of ​​molecular diagnostics. It made its debut on the NewConnect market in March 2021.

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