Genomtec has signed a distribution agreement for Genomtec ID in Greece

Genomtec has signed an agreement with Atropos Ltd to exclusively distribute the Genomtec ID genetic testing platform and the Respiratory Panel 5-plex test in Greece, the company said. Atropos will start distributing the device after the registration of the Genomtec ID platform and the 5-plex test panel. Atropos has committed to placing a minimum order for an analyzer and reaction cards for the rapid diagnosis of respiratory infections with a total value of EUR 350,000 over a 3-year period. Genomtec plans to register Genomtec ID in the middle of this year.

“This is exciting news for us, our investors, patients and healthcare managers. We are in the process of clinical trials using our Genomtec ID platform, which we intend to register in the European Union in the middle of this year. This distribution agreement confirms that our idea, which our entire team has worked hard on for almost six years, has captured market interest and is ready to equip clinicians with technology that can improve patient outcomes. Thanks to Genomtec ID, we will introduce a genetic laboratory to doctor’s offices, hospital emergency departments or ambulances, and the speed of the results obtained in this way will give patients a chance for a quick and precise diagnosis during one meeting “- said the chief business officer at Genomtec Charudutt Shah, quoted in the release .

Genomtec is an innovative technology company founded in 2016 in Wrocław. Works in the area of ​​molecular diagnostics. The company’s flagship solution is the Genomtec ID mobile diagnostic system, operating on the basis of a microfluidic system and proprietary, patented SNAAT technology. The innovative diagnostic system will be able to carry out several tests simultaneously from one sample, incl. to determine the cause of respiratory infections or sexually transmitted diseases, within 15 minutes. The company is working on several solutions in the field of mobile molecular diagnostics. It also provides research and diagnostic services for enterprises and individual clients. Genomtec made its debut on the NewConnect market in March 2021.


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