Genomtec files patent for salmonella infection detection

Genomtec has filed a patent application for a proprietary set of primers, diagnostic methods and the composition of the reaction mixture for the genetic diagnosis of Salmonella enterica infections using the LAMP technique, the company said. The application was filed with the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland. The detection technology developed by Genomtec is faster and less costly than currently used on the market.

“Applying for patent protection results from much better diagnostic parameters of our solutions in the field of molecular biology. In addition, they are characterized by a shorter time needed to obtain a result, which is crucial where fast and very precise diagnostics is required, ”said the president of Genomtec, Miron Tokarski.

Patent protection of the technology or processes that make up a given technology is a key area of ​​building and protecting the intellectual value developed at Genomtec. The company’s technology is secured by an increasing number of patents and patent applications in the area of ​​the Genomtec ID diagnostic platform as well as molecular biology, an example of which is today’s patent application for the detection of Salmonella enterica.


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