Genomtec has applied for a patent in an oncology project

Genomtec has submitted an application to the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland for a patent for an invention in the field of oncological diagnostics, the company announced. The patent strategy assumes extending the protection of the invention under the international PCT procedure.

“The formulation of an application for patent protection of the technology is the culmination of a series of laboratory works carried out, which indicate the usefulness of the proprietary SNAAT/LAMP method in cancer diagnosis. Patent protection is to cover the use of the technology developed by the company, which involves the use of isothermal amplification of nucleic acids to detect genetic variants. At the same time, the potential applications of the method go beyond oncology and medicine – the method can also be used wherever the diagnosis of genetic variants is necessary, both in clinical diagnostics and, among others, in veterinary medicine, food safety,” we read in the press release.

The development of an oncology project was one of the goals of the recently conducted issue of series M and N shares. According to the company, patent protection in an oncology project may have a positive impact on the M&A process conducted by the company, it was also reported.

Genomtec is an innovative technology company established in 2016 in Wrocław. He works in the field of molecular diagnostics. It debuted on the NewConnect market in 2021.


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