Geco Capital wants to raise a minimum of EUR 250 million over next two years

Geco Capital wants to raise a minimum of EUR 250 million over the next two years, said ISBtech CEO Marcin Wituś. The fund primarily focuses on institutional clients interested in being involved in the digital asset market.

“We want to give European clients the opportunity to invest in digital assets in a way that they understand by participating in an investment fund. The clients of the Geco Capital OU fund can be not only individuals, but also institutions. We are especially focused on institutional clients, as over 70% of companies declare investments in the digital asset market in the next 2 years. This shows a lot of interest. We are currently focusing on business clients from Estonia, but we are also planning activities aimed at acquiring clients from other EU countries. Over the next two years, we want to obtain a minimum of EUR 250 million, or 50% of the maximum capital that the fund can operate, ”said ISBtech Wituś.

In August 2022, the Geco Capital OU capital group, founded by Polish entrepreneurs, obtained the consent of the Estonian financial supervision to register and run alternative funds investing in cryptocurrencies and is now launching its next project there.

The fund created by Geco Capital OU is to manage the basket in a dynamic manner. This means that those who maintain the client's account will use the cryptocurrency boom to increase the portfolio's involvement in digital assets, and they will try to wait out the bear market by investing in traditional currencies.

Geco Capital is a capital group founded by Polish entrepreneurs., a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, has been operating since 2018. Estonia was chosen as the company's headquarters, as it was the first European country to legalize the cryptocurrency market. Currently, the group is launching alternative funds for the digital asset market.

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