Gaz-System begins Gustorzyn-Wronów gas pipeline construction

Gaz-System announced that in November 2021 it concluded the first contract with the contractor for the construction of the Gustorzyn-Wronów gas pipeline section, which runs from Rawa Mazowiecka to Wronów. The company has also concluded a contract for the supply of pipes that will be used for this project.

According to Gaz-System, the 308 km Gustorzyn-Wronów gas pipeline will increase the safety and continuity of supplying customers with gas fuel in central Poland. Its task is to connect the junction and the gas compressor station under construction in Gustorzyna with the junction and compressor station in Wronów. The investment has been divided into three stages: stage I Gustorzyn – Leśniewice, 54 km long; stage II Leśniewice – Rawa Mazowiecka, 100 km long, and stage III, Rawa Mazowiecka – Wronów, 154 km long.

“The new gas pipeline in central Poland will increase the flexibility of gas transmission control, as well as ensure the safety and continuity of gas supplies to recipients in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Łódzkie, Mazowieckie and Lubelskie voivodships. We have just signed the first of three contracts with contractors for the implementation of the longest stage of this investment, which means that our project has entered the execution phase” – said Marcin Kapkowski, vice president of Gaz-System.


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