Gaspol has decided not to import gas from Russia

Due to Russia's military aggression against Ukraine, Gaspol decided to stop purchasing LPG produced in Russia, said President Sylwester Śmigiel. According to him, the Polish LPG industry is fully prepared to block imports from Russia, and the change in the direction of gas supplies is associated with higher costs of logistics and gas supplies at the level of "several dozen USD" per ton.

At the same time, the SHV holding, of which Gaspol is part, decided to suspend all new investment projects in Russia, exports to that country and fully complied with all sanctions imposed on Russia and Belarus, the company also said.

“We have made a decision to stop importing LPG from Russia. First, for ethical reasons. After Russia's attack on Ukraine, we felt that we were sponsoring every bomb that hit Ukrainian soil. Second, because of the significant business risk. Russian entities sell gas based on prepayments and declare delivery within a month, although they do not always meet this deadline anyway. We are not alone in our decision. According to information from the market, other leading companies dealing in liquid gas trading have also followed a similar path. The Polish LPG industry is fully prepared to block imports from Russia, so we believe that all entities that have so far used Russian LPG should join us, ”said President Śmigiel, quoted in the press release.

Gaspol is the leader of the liquid gas market in Poland. The company provides customers with liquid gas, gas cylinders, LNG, odorless gas mixtures and gas appliances. It has three reloading terminals - sea in Gdańsk and railway in Małaszewicze and Sędziszów.
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