Gamedust has completed an issue of shares worth 2.45 million

Gamedust completed the issue of 12.25 million shares at an issue price of PLN 0.2 each, which means the total value of the issue is PLN 2.45 million, the company announced. Thanks to the funds raised, the company secured financing for the current publishing projects and increased development opportunities. In addition to the implementation of the current projects, the company plans to expand the portfolio of business activities and increase the profitability potential in the coming periods.

“We announced that we would take advantage of the opportunities created by the capital market, and this is exactly what we are doing, ensuring that the Gamedust team is comfortable creating value in an unstable macroeconomic environment. I am convinced of the company's success and the multiplication of its market value, which is why I took part in the issue myself. At the same time, I would like to thank the new investors who put their trust in us. And at this point I would like to mention that despite the small scale of our current capital needs, we can welcome an institutional investor in the shareholding structure, which for us is a good external validation of our business model and the quality we deliver. The more so as the issue price was higher than the price of our shares on the stock exchange, ”said President Paweł Flieger, quoted in the press release.

Currently, Gamedust focuses on three areas of activity - creating own games, publishing activities and the connected realities segment. In the first area, work is underway on "Yupitergrad 2: The Lost Station". It is a continuation of the hit from 2020, ie the game "Yupitergrad", which has become one of the best and longest-supported arcade games for VR platforms. Pre-production work on the game "Yupitergrad 2: The Lost Station" began in the second half of 2021, and the game is to be released in 2023, recalled.

Gamedust is a game producer in the VR segment, which made its debut on NewConnect through a reverse acquisition of the listed
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