FundedByMe Opens Office in Poland in expansion move

FundedByMe, an investment crowdfunding platform based in Sweden, is expanding into Poland.
The platform has now established a new office in Warsaw representing the sixth international location beyond Sweden. FundedByMe says the aim is to meet the funding needs of a rapidly growing market consisting of many interesting companies and a growing middle class with high investor will.

“Poland is one of Europe’s most interesting markets right now. Partly because of its size but also because of a fast-growing startup sector and a large group of people with investment capacity and investing will. Our analysis shows that Polish citizens are showing great interest in investing in Nordic companies and the assessment is that Nordic investors want a more diversified with international deal flow. Polish companies are also significantly lower in valuations than the Nordic and has just as much potential to succeed globally, ” commented Daniel Daboczy, CEO and co-founder FundedByMe.

FundedByMe Poland has been set up in cooperation with local partners through a new joint venture. The Polish operation is managed by CEO Maciej Gajewski with Jacek Kulma as the Head of the Advisory Board.

“We are delighted to begin a long-term cooperation with FundedByMe as a global partner. We know that both the Polish / Swedish investors and companies will benefit from this partnership. Our main focus is to soon be able to present the best Polish high-tech startup companies through our crowdfunding platform,” stated Gajewski.

Gajewski added that a report by the umbrella organization Startup Poland shows statistics from 621 startup companies, where 44% of the newly established companies are considering searching for foreign capital, 77% sought funding opportunities and 11% searched specifically for crowdfunding options.

FundedByMe Poland believes that they can attract foreign investors to Poland and to offer access to interesting business ideas and capital from Poland abroad. They also want to serve as a link to the European continent.

Lovisa Stromsholm, Head of International Growth at FundedByMe Sweden, said they have high hopes for investment flows between the two countries and elsewhere in Europe;

“Our strategy is to facilitate investment in the Polish startups from foreign investors, as well as create new flows from Poland to the rest of Europe. “

FundedByMe Poland said they have partnered with Google Campus Warsaw around the launch. Campus Warsaw is part of the six strategic headquarters for Google’s entrepreneurial networks globally.

FundedByMe is on a mission to become the largest player in the global crowdfunding market. Since 2014 it has strategically grown into attractive markets, and the company now has offices in locations in Europe, and in Asia and Latin America.

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