Beesfund platform promotes children’s slippers company

The company supports the youngest in taking their first independent steps, and then take care of the health of their feet, while delighting with the quality of workmanship, durability, ecological materials and really cool “design”. Once you get to know the Slippers Family brand, you may feel the desire to invest in it on the Beesfund platform.

It all started in 2013 in a rented garage. It was there that the first shoes of the company were created, for which Marek Sołtyk stands – the former co-owner of a consulting company (specializing in strategy and its implementation in Polish Stock Exchange Companies, including Graal, Pamapol, Wilbo), as well as the creator of brands such as Jan Necessary and now Poland.

From the beginning, the company has been focusing on e-commerce (sales are only online) and specializing in the production of health footwear for children; perfect for a nursery, kindergarten, school and home. Although the sales growth dynamics of Slippers Family shoes has been really impressive for three years (on an annual basis it fluctuates from 80 to 100% year on year), today the brand flows into even wider waters.

Goal: to be a leader in the sale of e-commerce footwear for children in Poland, launching one million pairs of slippers per year. The way to achieve it: starting on September 27 this year. issuing shares on the Beesfund platform, i.e. the first – and invariably leading – in our country platform dealing with equity crowdfunding.


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