From February, the act will replace the ordinance on middle class relief. The Ministry of Finance is working on its further expansion

Last Thursday, the Sejm adopted a law that is to introduce into the legal order a method of settling advance payments for employee income tax. The new regulations will replace the ordinance of 7 January, the legal basis of which, however, raised doubts by lawyers. The need to settle this matter arose as a result of the inconsistency of the rules contained in the Polish Lada. As a result, many employees who in January received lower net wages than in December, will receive or will be refunded the difference. For employers, this means additional confusion and workload. The Ministry of Finance has announced further changes in the application of the middle class tax relief.

As predicted by lawyers, economists and accountants, the very beginning of the Polish Order introduced confusion – it turned out that professional groups receiving remuneration in advance, i.e. at the beginning of the month, such as teachers or policemen, received amounts lower than in December. – at the same gross rate. This resulted in a quick reaction of the Minister of Finance in the form of a regulation ordering the return of the surplus collected – without taking into account the relief – with the advance tax.

Last week, Finance Minister Tadeusz Kościński informed about extending the tax relief for the middle class to include more taxpayers. They are to cover, inter alia, retirees and disability pensioners or persons on commission contracts. The relief for single parents is also to be extended.


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