Automatic e-TOLL systems replace manual toll collection

However, the raised barriers at the gates do not mean that passenger car drivers will travel free of charge along the sections of the A2 Konin-Stryków and A4 Wrocław-Sośnica motorways managed by GDDKiA. The current Manual Toll Collection System for vehicles with a gross vehicle weight below 3.5 tonnes will be replaced from December 1 by the new electronic e-TOLL system, as was the case at the beginning of October for trucks. All users must register their cars in the new e-TOLL system and equip them with locating devices or purchase a motorway e-ticket entitling them to travel.

“We recently had a fairly large event in the transport industry, namely the change of the road toll system in Poland. We switched from viaTOLL to e-TOLL. The earlier system was based on the principle of gantries and devices that communicated using microwaves. In the new technology, everything is done remotely, using the GPS system and the transmission of geolocation data of vehicles to the e-TOLL system. New devices are also needed, and they had to be replaced in good time. This case previously concerned heavy transport, but at the beginning of December it will also cover light vehicles” – says Mariusz Derdziak, an expert from DKV Mobility Polska.

Fast passage through the gates will allow drivers to save a lot of time, but before that, they must go through the registration procedure in the e-TOLL system as soon as possible and equip their cars with geolocation devices (OBU / ZSL) or install a special e-TOLL application on their smartphones. PL, thanks to which the system will be able to track the phone together with the vehicle assigned to it.

“However, this is not the end of the obligations and challenges faced by personal e-TOLL users” – adds Mariusz Derdziak. – “It is worth remembering that devices and applications are used only for registration and billing in the system; but regulating them, monitoring the account balance and responsibility for shortages or delays in payments are already the responsibility of the users. This is where DKV Mobility Polska comes in handy, as it is the only fleet card operator that can support its customers in all aspects of paying fees in the new system. On the e-TOLL pages, you can find detailed information on the services and scope of support that individual card providers provide to their customers.”


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