Friz wants to go public … with his image

They announce their debut later this year and it is to be a unique event, because “no one has yet introduced the image to the stock exchange”. Youtuber Karol “Friz” Wiśniewski intends to shine on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Investor “Ekipa”
The investor who noticed the potential in “Ekipa” is Jan Ciszewski, president of JR Holding. As he emphasizes, the introduction of Ekipa Holding to the stock exchange will be something unprecedented.

“I said to myself: wow, nobody sees that, I am starting to see it as one of the first, so there is an opportunity to introduce a cool business, something new that is not there, and I am starting to say that it does not exist on a global scale, because it did not happen. for someone to introduce an image to the stock exchange. Of course, this image is only a substitute for what awaits us, it is just something behind the entire fundamental business of the team”

As we read in Business Insider Polska, according to JR Holding, Ekipa Holding is worth PLN 144 million, although the company’s revenues amounted to PLN 10 million throughout the last year. As both partners emphasize, the mere reach of the team in social media can be estimated at $ 300 million.In social media, we achieved what we were able to achieve. What is our main business at the moment, in the near future will be a lever to scale it all […] My role will be to increase the range of projects – says Karol Friz Wiśniewski.

Soon, an album is expected to appear on the market, followed by a series and a feature-length film as well as games for mobile phones. To this end, the Holding team has established cooperation with the T-Bull gaming studio listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

The animation studio belonging to the Crew Holding has ambitions to become “Polish Disney”, and the Crew’s logo will represent more products than the ice cream introduced so far in cooperation with the Koral company.


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