Frigo Logistics develops cooperation with Netto

The Netto chain is increasingly marking its presence on the domestic market of retail chains. Due to the completed takeover of the locations of Tesco supermarkets, which disappeared from the Polish market last year, Netto already has almost 660 outlets throughout the country. Frigo Logistics, the leading logistics operator for deep-frozen products on the Polish market, has been supporting the chain in its continuous and efficient development for years.

Netto is one of the leading retail chains in Poland, which Frigo Logistics has been serving continuously for 7 years. Currently, the service is provided from three Frigo Logistics distribution centers located in Żdżary near Szczecin, Żnin and Czeladź. The location of the centers in various parts of Poland allows for the optimization and improvement of store service in every corner of the country - which is especially important when the number of Netto locations was increasing almost every week.

– In our daily work, we strive to provide our partners with safe deliveries and I am glad that this pays off. Long-term, successive cooperation with Netto proves satisfaction with our services and allows us to constantly develop and strengthen our leading position in the distribution of frozen products in Poland. Since we started cooperation with Netto in 2015, the number of network outlets has doubled - it's great to watch our partners grow stronger and be able to support them in this. I am convinced that we have more fruitful years of cooperation ahead of us and new challenges that we will meet together - says Kris Verbruggen, President of the Management Board of Frigo Logistics.

Frigo Logistics currently has nine distribution centers throughout the country - including in Żnin, Radomsko, Błonie near Warsaw, Radomsko and Czeladź. Distribution centers located in almost every part of Poland enable the operator to be flexible and shorten the delivery time, ensuring an attractive offer for customers. The operator delivers products that require controlled temperatures to over 4,500 points throughout Poland.

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