Fortum has invested more than PLN 4 billion in 20 years of operations in Poland

Fortum has invested over PLN 4 billion (EUR 1 billion) in Poland over 20 years of operations in the country, the company announced. This amount includes acquisitions, replacement and development investments. Fortum has built, among others: two modern, multi-fuel heat and power plants and initiated the decarbonization process in the Polish heating industry. It plans to completely phase out coal by 2027.

The history of Fortum in Poland began in 2003 with the purchase of Dolnośląski Zakład Termoenergetyczny (DZT) in Świebodzice. A year later, the company purchased a heating system in Częstochowa and began preparations for the construction of a modern heat and power plant. It was put into operation in 2010. It was the first heat and power plant in Poland designed to co-burn coal with biomass, it was recalled.

In 2005, Fortum became the owner of heating networks in Wrocław and Płock and continues to invest in their expansion and modernization. In 2011, Fortum was joined by the EC Zabrze and ZEC Bytom plants, and already in 2015, the decision was announced to build a new coal-fired heat and power plant fired with alternative fuel RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) obtained locally. It was put into operation in 2018 and since then it has served 70,000 households in Zabrze and Bytom. Replacing the old units allowed for reducing the emission of harmful dust by more than eleven times, sulfur dioxide by more than seven times, and nitrogen oxide by nearly three times.

“Fortum is more than just an energy company. Not only do we produce electricity and heat, but what matters most is how we do it. We operate in an environmentally friendly and ecological way, with local communities, our children and grandchildren in mind. We want to provide them with better living conditions today and leave a cleaner world. I have been working at Fortum for 17 years and it has been the best time of my professional life. I feel that here I can fully act in accordance with what I personally consider valuable. We are a wonderful team and together we are doing something extremely important,” said Piotr Górnik, president of Fortum Power and Heat Polska – the company responsible for the production and distribution of heat.

In 2016, Fortum acquired the Duon Group and thus made its debut on the electricity and gas sales market. Over the course of seven years, the company has become one of the key players on these markets, successfully competing with the largest entities that have been present there for many years. Thanks to Fortum, every company, regardless of its size and knowledge of gas and energy market mechanisms, can derive tangible benefits from stock exchange purchases.

“During 20 years of operations in Poland, Fortum has set directions for transformation in the energy sector, especially in the heating sector. Currently, Fortum has two heat and power plants – in Częstochowa and Zabrze, and heating networks in three cities – Wrocław, Częstochowa and Płock. Last year, Fortum announced a plan to decarbonize its assets. It intends to move away from coal by 2027 in favor of renewable sources and electrification of systems,” we read further.

Fortum specializes in producing electricity and heat in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner. It also offers a wide range of specialized energy services to individual clients, institutions and energy producers. It is present mainly in the Nordic and Baltic countries, Russia and Poland.


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