Fortum completes flue-gas cleaning 41 million pln investment

Fortum has installed a new flue gas cleaning system at the heat and power plant in Częstochowa. The installation of the bag filters system cost PLN 41 million. The investment means a reduction in emissions of harmful substances, and thanks to it, the CHP plant meets the latest European emission standards with a large excess, informed Fortum.

“We are happy that we are implementing Fortum’s mission with this investment in Częstochowa and that we significantly contribute to making the world cleaner. City residents will breathe better air” – says Jakub Kołodziejczyk, project manager at Fortum.

The project was implemented from November 2020. Fortum reported that the effect of the modernization was a fifteen-fold decrease in hydrogen chloride emissions, a two-fold reduction in sulfur oxide emissions and an almost two-fold reduction of dust into the atmosphere.


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