Former Huawei director again arrested in Poland for spying for China

According to the prosecution, Weijing Wang was working for a foreign intelligence service to the detriment of Poland.

A former Huawei tech giant director has again been arrested by the Polish Internal Security Agency on charges of spying for China, PAP has been told by a spokesman for the minister-coordinator of special services.

Weijing Wang has been detained under a court order that was issued following a prosecution appeal against a decision of a Warsaw court which released him from detention in June 2021. Wang had been detained for the first time in January 2019.

The trial of Wang and a Pole arrested during the same investigation has been ongoing since June. The arrested Pole, Piotr D. (last name withheld in accordance with Polish law) is a former employee of the Internal Security Agency (ABW). Both suspects face up to 15 years in prison. The trial is being held behind closed doors.

The two men were first arrested by ABW in January 2019.

Piotr D. has been charged with handing over classified information in order to obtain financial gains.


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