Forestlight Games IPO to raise 3 million pln to market proprietary games

3 brokerages supporting young gaming company, with most anticipated title coming soon: Pope: Power & Sin.

The game producer and publisher wants to obtain PLN 3 million from investors for the finalization of production and marketing of proprietary games.

In addition, the company wants to allocate funds for the pre-production of the demo version of two unannounced titles, as well as the development of technology that will allow the launch of the multiplayer mode in the studio’s new projects.

  • “Today, we are starting a very important stage in the development of our studio. Subscriptions for the public issue of Forestlight Games shares will be accepted until July 2. The offer covers up to 240,000 series B ordinary shares with a nominal value of PLN 0.10. The issue price was set at PLN 12.50. This process is preceded by our plans related to the debut of Forestlight Games on the NewConnect market. We plan to start the procedure of joining the group of public companies immediately after the end of the Offer – says Tomasz Mazur, President of the Management Board of Forestlight Games.

Registration is open until July 2. The offer covers up to 240,000 shares at the price of PLN 12.50 per share. The aim of the offer is to prepare a pre-production demo version of the two titles not yet announced by Forestlight Games, as well as to strengthen the development of technology that allows the launch of a multiplayer mode in the company’s new projects.

  • We believe that the IPO will also allow us to finalize the production and marketing activities for the original Forestlight Games games and to create ports for projects such as: The Pope: Power & Sin, Rollercoaster Mechanic, Camper Flipper and Lifeguard Simulator. For the last title, we work with experienced rescuers who provide us with valuable expert knowledge. All this to make the game as realistic as possible – says Tomasz Mazur.

The investment process of Forestlight Games is coordinated by Prosper Capital Dom Maklerski in cooperation with NWAI Dom Maklerski and Noble Securities.

  • The issue of Forestlight Games shares perfectly fits the new business strategy of our Brokerage House, under which we are establishing cooperation with other companies from interesting sectors, including gaming. We believe that thanks to the financing obtained, the company will have a chance to implement its ambitious development plans – comments Piotr Teleon, President of the Management Board of Prosper Capital Dom Maklerski.

Currently, Forestlight Games teams are working on several original projects at the same time. By the end of this year, the company plans to release Rollercoaster Mechanic, Lost Viking: Kingdom of Women and Wedding Designer, as well as smaller projects for VR technology. In the production of selected Forestlight Games projects in Virtual Reality technology, the company cooperates with the Epic VR studio. The most anticipated title from Forestlight Games is The Pope: Power & Sin. The ambitious production is inspired by the life of Rodrigo de Borja, who served as Pope at the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries as Alexander VI. The project will allow not only to play the role of the Pope, but also to fight for spiritual and political independence from the pagans and the renewal of the administrative church structures. The game is also inspired by the series The Borgia Family.

The studio has been operating under the name Forestlight Games since 2019, while the team’s experience is much longer. Tomasz Mazur, who was the president of the management board, started with the founding of Mirage Media, which after the merger with IPS Computer Group was transformed into Cenega. Years later, Tomasz Mazur returned to game production by establishing Forestlight Games. The studio has so far released Electro Ride: The Neon Racing, which was nominated for the Best Indie Game award at Digital Dragons. Currently, Forestlight Games has three subsidiaries: Pixel Trapps, Motion Spirit and Aurora Studio. One of the shareholders of Forestlight Games is PlayWay, which is listed on the main floor of the WSE.


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