“Polish Deal”: next disaster after covid?

For many days the Northern Chamber of Commerce in Szczecin has been receiving signals from entrepreneurs who feel overwhelmed not only by the increases in electricity and gas prices, but also by the administrative problems resulting from the Polish Deal. There are so many changes that tax offices and companies dealing with human resources and accounting cannot deal with them on an ongoing basis.

“The Polish Order is felt by some even worse than lockdown. We hear a lot of voices that running a business in new conditions is simply unprofitable. We expect that the government, seeing what is happening, will take a step back and withdraw from this reform” – says Hanna Mojsiuk, President of the Northern Chamber of Commerce in Szczecin.

The Northern Chamber of Commerce in Szczecin is aware of the need for tax changes and adapting the fiscal and control system to the current economic conditions. The law, which is 700 pages long, changes a dozen or so other acts of key importance for entrepreneurs, changes the settlement systems of employers and employees, should be finalized and 100% refined. There should be no room for any understatement in such cases. The Polish Order is being introduced in an atmosphere of chaos, which means that many entrepreneurs simply do not know how to find themselves in the new economic reality.

“A provisional act was provided to Polish entrepreneurs. The Polish Order is an act glued together with a string and a match. We are outraged by how the act was prepared, which changes the functioning of the entire economy in Poland”, says Hanna Mojsiuk, President of the Northern Chamber of Commerce in Szczecin.

“Entrepreneurs write to us about their doubts. They concern both the calculation of health insurance contributions, as well as the choice of payment methods, or issues related to human resources and relief for the middle class. There are so many interpretative doubts that tax and legal offices are not able to explain them all quickly. In addition, entrepreneurs were granted increases in media prices for the new year. It is very bad” – says Hanna Mojsiuk, the President of the Chamber. – For entrepreneurs, the Polish Order is like a labyrinth in which they play the role of Theseus, but Ariadne’s thread is missing. The intentions may have been good, but the execution is absolutely unacceptable, he adds.

“We appeal for the Government of the Republic of Poland to withdraw from the implementation of the Polish Order in 2022. Let this topic be withdrawn, refined and only implemented. There is no consent of entrepreneurs to spoil the law” – adds President Mojsiuk.

Experts of the Northern Chamber of Commerce in the field of tax speak about a huge number of doubts raised by entrepreneurs. – A dramatic fight with time begins and an attempt to determine what legal form or method of taxation is optimal for an entrepreneur, so as to lose as little as possible on the Polish Lada. Entrepreneurs learn from tax advisors or accountants that they will pay more. They learn that it is difficult to calculate how much more, because the regulations are very imprecise. Here is an example: the basis for calculating the health insurance contribution will be higher than the PIT basis by contributing to all tax revenues, including those exempt from PIT. If the entrepreneur gets PFR 2.0 remission – he will pay a health insurance premium of 4.9% (flat PIT) or 9% (scale)! This is because it is a taxable income that has been withdrawn from use under the Regulation of the Minister of Finance. Nevertheless, it is a tax income – says Michał Wojtas, treasurer of the Northern Chamber of Commerce in Szczecin.


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