Foodsi obtained PLN 6 million in the seed round, inter alia, to prepare for expansion abroad

Foodsi obtained PLN 6 million in the seed round, according to the announcement. Financing was provided by, among others CofounderZone and Satus Starter funds as well as private investors, including the founders of The obtained funds will allow the company to increase its presence in Poland and prepare for foreign expansion.

“We have been observing the development of Foodsi for a long time and we are impressed by the results of the work of Mateusz, Kuba and their team. They survived the pandemic and acquired hundreds of thousands of users and a thousand restaurants without external financing, and then made good use of the capital from the pre-seed round. Foodsi has the potential to become a significant player in the market of online services for gastronomy in Europe, and in the long term it will bring value to all of us by reducing the amount of food wasted, ”said Tomasz Goliński, managing partner of CofounderZone, quoted in the release.

“Foodsi's mission is to ensure that it does not end up in the bin, but on the tables of consumers, providing restaurants with an additional source of income and savings for customers. However, wasting food mainly concerns consumers, ”added Foodsi CEO and co-founder Mateusz Kowalczyk.

Foodsi is a startup that helps in the fight against food waste in the spirit of zero waste. The company has created a platform that allows restaurants and shops to sell surplus food. Thanks to it, customers can purchase products, paying up to 25% of the starting price. On the other hand, the premises do not have to throw away unsold meals and gain an additional source of income as well as completely new customers.

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