Flying Tiger has started online sales in Poland

The Flying Tiger Copenhagen chain of general stores has launched online delivery of products in Poland. The company began selling online in 2020 in Denmark and Sweden. Further expansion is to help it attract new customers.

The online store is equipped similarly to the brand’s brick and mortar stores. You can find there, among others arts and crafts, decorative items, as well as home furnishings. As the company assures, customers will receive products ordered online in a recycled cardboard packaging.

“Poles feel at ease in the digital world, and our position in Poland is strong – we can count on a group of loyal customers here. Expanding the business to the Internet was a natural next step – we hope that this way we will gain the interest of new customers. We have put a lot of effort into designing an online world that matches our stores and at the same time provides our customers with a new experience every time they visit” – commented Martin Jermiin, CEO of Flying Tiger Copenhagen.


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