FlixClassic launches a new streaming service based on the OTT Redge Media platform

FlixClassic launches a new subscription video service focusing on cinematographic classics from around the world, including drama, comedy, action films, and many other genres including surreal and niche positions, the release said. Comprehensive implementation was based on the OTT Redge Media platform.

“The implementation was based on Redge Media for VOD - a complete solution developed and optimized for content distributors looking for an easy and hassle-free way to deliver their materials to a wider audience. The streaming platform has an intuitive and modern design of the user interface, providing access on multiple screens, including Connected TV devices. A complete video distribution service is part of the solution, ”the release reads.

“Thanks to Redge Media, valuable content reaches millions of people around the world every day. We are delighted to be able to provide access to classic movies from the FlixClassic library with a wide variety of genres for all tastes. Thanks to the Redge Media solution for VOD, content distributors can now launch their own streaming platform within a few months, without forgetting the cost-effectiveness, "commented Tomasz Pałdyna, FlixClassic sales director, quoted in the release.

Redge Technologies (formerly Atende Software) is a leader in OTT and edge computing technologies in Central and Eastern Europe, present on the market since 2007. The company's flagship solution is Redge Media - an OTT platform available in PaaS and on-premise models, consisting of Service Delivery Platform and Video Delivery Platform, which includes a distributed content distribution system (CDN), created in the edge computing architecture. Redge Technologies has also created Redge Guardian - software to mitigate multi-terabit DDoS attacks.

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