Air traffic surges in April, but still 72% down from 2020.

According to the data of the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency, the number of take-offs and landings at all Polish airports in April this year was 327 percent higher than in April 2020. However, the pre-pandemic results were still far away – air operations were 72 percent less compared to the same period of 2019.

“The number of air operations at all Polish airports from April 1 to 30 this year amounted to 9874 (35143 in 2019), a decrease by 72%, and compared to 2020 it is an increase by 327% (2312 in 2020) “- reported the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA) in its monthly report on traffic in Polish airspace for April 2021.

Traffic at individual airports
As for individual airports, in April the largest Polish airport, i.e. Chopin in Warsaw, recorded 427 percent. an increase in aircraft traffic compared to 2020, but a decrease by 70%. against 2019.

For all air operations, including transit flights over the territory of Poland, from 1 to 30 April this year. there were 160 percent more yoy, and compared to 2019, this decrease was 66%.

PANSA data shows that in April this year air traffic between Europe and the US fell by 63 percent. yoy, and between Europe and Asia it dropped by 48 percent. yy.

As for the largest airports in Europe, in April this year against April 2019, incl. London City recorded 96 percent fall, London Heathrow – 73 percent decrease; Amsterdam – 68 percent fall, Munich – 83 percent decrease; Barcelona – 74 percent decrease; Vienna – 73 percent decrease; Paris CDG – 72 percent fall, Milan Malpensa recorded 67 percent. decrease.

In the case of airlines, in April this year. compared to April 2019, LOT Polish Airlines recorded 72 percent decline, Wizz Air -78 percent reduction, and Ryanair – decrease by 88%. British Airways’ traffic decreased by 88 percent, Lufthansa – by 80 percent, Air France – 63 percent, and KLM – by 66 percent.


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