Flexee wants up to 100,000 users at the end of 2022

Flexee - a company from the JR Holding portfolio - plans to have a total of up to 100 thousand. users of its salary on demand app by the end of this year, Andrzej Nowak, CEO of the company, informed ISBtech. After reaching this milestone, it plans to conduct a funding round linked to going abroad.

“Our goal is to have tens of thousands of users connected and active at the end of the year as part of cooperation with Polish companies. We estimate that it may be up to 100,000. This will be our first milestone. On the basis of this traction, we want to collect a larger financial round A. This round will be associated with entering the European market. We are already analyzing such a scenario, "Nowak said in an interview with ISBtech.

He emphasized that the company's plan takes into account the current trends in HR, where the salary on demand service is just entering Europe.

“This service has been developing in Europe for about 2 years, while it is already very well developed in Anglo-Saxon countries, in the United States and Great Britain. There are already a few unicorn companies out there that can collect rounds of $ 500 million. That is why we also want to enter Europe and be in several markets. Ultimately, we have the ambition to be a large and highly valued entity. We assume that we will conduct another milestone, which is a large round, at the turn of this year, ”concluded Nowak.

Flexee is an application provider that gives users (employees of Flexee customers) access to real-time remuneration, i.e. allows you to pay money for each day worked, regardless of the type of contract that the employee has concluded with the employer.

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