Firm Polish-Chinese business chamber formed

The first official Polish-Chinese chamber of commerce was launched on March 14, 2019, under the name Polish-Chinese General Chamber of Commerce. The self-governing unit’s primary goal is to foster Polish-Chinese economic relations to boost exports and investment. “The Chamber is the first bilateral economic organization that comprises large and influential Chinese and Polish companies. The Chamber will strengthen the economic cooperation between Poland and China. It will also act as a bridge between our governments and the business environment,” said Liu Hongxing, chairman of the Chamber.

Currently 42 companies are associated within the institution, predominantly Chinese firms already active in the Polish market in a wide range of industries, including construction, transport, telecommunications and banking.

“The level of interest from companies with Polish capital is beyond anything we had assumed. Even higher than within companies with Chinese capital. This points to a great potential,” said Guo Peidong, secretary of the newly formed body.

(Warsaw Business Journal)

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