Fintech startup Pago to relocate in Poland

The developers of the Pago mobile payment application, which helps people pay their bills online and in a centralized manner, announced plans to expand to Croatia and Poland.

The Romanian startup will also relocate to Poland, in the high tech business accelerator Huge Thing, where it says it was accepted together with nine other start-ups, local reported.

Pago has recently introduced paid subscriptions for users who pay more than five bills per month through the app. The lowest subscription is RON 4.99 (EUR 1.07) per month, for those who pay up to 8 bills or invoices, while for clients with higher volumes, the fee is RON 14.99 (EUR 3.2) per month.

The startup said it introduced these subscriptions to expand the list of suppliers whose bills can be paid through the app and the available payment types faster. Thus, the app will incorporate payments to new utility providers that were previously not covered, in a couple of days, after the users provide a copy of the invoice issued by that specific utility provider. Invoices from companies like Rompetrol, Avon or Fan Curier can also be paid through the app if they have a bar code.

Those paying up to four invoices per month can keep using the application for free, and they account for some 75% of the current users.

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