Finnish invest 20 million EUR in new stainless steel production facility in Lodz

This investment in Lodz, together with the new production line in Finland, will enhance the company’s competitiveness.

Stalatube’s new best-in-class production facility manufacturing stainless steel tubes in special dimensions and further processed stainless steel products, is moving into ramp-up phase.

The investment sum in total is 20 million EUR.

The investments increase Stalatube’s production of tailored sized I-beams and further processed products, such as stainless steel hollow sections, both of which are intended for demanding structural end-uses. The production of pre-fabricated components for the growing transportation sector will also be expanded.

Using the latest technology and a high level of automation through all phases of the production process, the new plant meets the most stringent environmental criteria and energy efficiency requirements.

“Our strategy is to be closer to our clients and very flexible in meeting our customer needs. Tailoring products to meet the exact end-user requirements translates into savings in material and transportation costs and cuts down the time needed for further processing at the end client. This shows as savings on the bottom line,” says Stalatube’s CEO Jukka Nummi.

“Stainless steel is practically maintenance free. Its competitive lifecycle costs open up significant opportunities for our stainless steel product in areas such as transportation, oil and gas, construction and other demanding end-uses,” comments Sami Packalén, SVP, Marketing and Sales.

Stalatube is in its sector the world’s third largest manufacturer of stainless steel square and rectangular tubes and the world’s leading manufacturer of ferritic and Duplex stainless steel square and rectangular tubes.

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