Offshore wind battle builds, as Orlen gets aggressive

There is going to be a fierce fight for further concessions for the construction of offshore farms in the Polish zone of the Baltic Sea. PKN Orlen has been bidding for the entire pool of 11 permits, but there are many more applicants. It is estimated that all investments in windmills in the Polish sea will consume PLN 130 billion.

“It will be crowded in the Baltic Sea, because there are many willing to play, and the conditions for investing in offshore windmills are very good” – said Zbigniew Gryglas, then Deputy Minister of State Assets at the beginning of September, during the Economic Forum in Karpacz. He noted that the areas indicated in the sea area development plan will allow the construction of farms with a total capacity of up to 20 GW. This is roughly the same as 20 large coal-fired units or four Bełchatów Power Plants.

PKN Orlen has the greatest ambitions in this area. – I do not hide that we are counting on gaining all 11 new locations. To put it bluntly: there is no other Polish company that would be able to finance and implement such a large project. Orlen, as a large multi-energy concern, can do it and this is the goal – says Daniel Obajtek, president of PKN Orlen.

Other domestic companies are also queuing up for new licenses. Polska Grupa Energetyczna has announced that it will fight for the possibility of building more offshore wind farms, but it does not plan to win the entire pool like Orlen. Most likely, PGE will join forces with Enea and Tauron, with whom it has signed a letter of intent on cooperation in future offshore wind farm projects.


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