Ferrovial wins more infrastructure deals with 16km Polish expressway

Poland’s General Directorate for National Roads & Motorways has appointed Ferrovial to build the road between the cities of Luzino and Szemud in northern Poland under a contract worth 581 million zlotys.

The work includes building a four-lane highway as well as 25 separate structures. The work is scheduled to be completed in the first quarter of 2025.

The contract is part of the Tri-City Metropolitan Bypass project, which includes the construction of a two-lane motorway approximately 31km in length in order to improve communication between the ports of Gdynia and Gdansk. In addition to reducing travel times and vehicle maintenance costs for road users, the project is expected to improve road safety and have a positive impact on the environment.

Early in 2020, Ferrovial unveiled its Horizon 24 Plan, which centres the company’s priorities on the development, construction and management of sustainable infrastructure and designates Poland as one of its core markets. Budimex is currently building a section of the A1 Motorway between Tuszyn and Piotrków, in central Poland, several sections of Expressway S61, and a number of sections of Expressway S19, also in Poland. It reported a record 8,382 million zlotys in revenue in 2020, a 7.6% increase on the previous year. That translated into an increase in net profit, which doubled to 459 million zlotys. The order backlog was 12,700 million zlotys at the end of the year.


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