Fintech scaling up in money transfer business, targeting Ukrainians and Belarusians, a fintech created to help Ukrainian expats with transfers, today already has 500,000+ users from dozens of countries.

Two Belarusians undertook a difficult task. They have challenged banks and transaction sites that they believe charge too much for sending money. offers services to people who want to transfer money quickly and inexpensively. Funds can be sent from 32 countries and received in 45 countries. Transfer is possible via the mobile application and website. The money goes to a bank account, card or to an institution that cooperates with This usually happens in minutes.

Horlach and Chamtonau – Belarusians with Polish roots who say directly that they feel Polish – decided that it is worth acting in this direction: on the one hand, to civilize transfers, and on the other hand, indicate to customers a cheaper alternative. They managed to implement the idea in Poland, where they came to study.

The creators of this fintech in Warsaw took their first steps as startups, turning in the circles of young technology entrepreneurs. While many large companies were built in garages, the first framework for Pay Ukraine took shape in a coffee shop.

“It was easier to find an investor in Poland. And we needed not only someone who would give us money, but also provide know-how and tell us what to do” – summarizes Horlach.

And then it was time to build up the team. Today is 35 people. The company wants to continue recruiting people to help create a faster and more convenient money transfer app for employees around the world.


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