Famur Group boosts exposure to PV segment to 500 million pln

In May, Famur and the main shareholder of this company, TDJ, signed an investment agreement regarding cooperation in the field of photovoltaics. Both companies want to implement large-scale photovoltaic farm projects (solar power plants) and medium-sized PV installations (for business customers and enterprises). On Friday, Famur announced the conclusion of an annex to this contract.

Pursuant to the new agreement, the subsidiary Famur Solar undertook to provide funds in the form of loans or other financial support for the development of the photovoltaic segment (with the latest repayment date on December 31, 2023) within the total limit of up to PLN 400 million, with the possibility of increase, for the period until September 30, 2021, the level of financing by a maximum amount of PLN 100 million, i.e. up to a total maximum amount of PLN 500 million.

The above amount includes the financing provided by Famur Solar to companies within the Famur Group operating in the photovoltaic segment and Famur Solar’s commitment to grant Maciej Marcjanik, as the borrower, in one or more tranches, to finance the acquisition of the Solartechnik Fund FIZ project investment certificates attributable to the borrower.


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