Expanded USA-CEE Investment Summit & Awards (4 June, New York) opens Nominations

The 2020 USA-CEE Investment Summit & Awards is being expanded (beyond business services) to include key sectors of investment between N. America and Central Eastern Europe, both outgoing investment from the United States, but also incoming investment to the U.S. from Central Eastern Europe.

The 19 Nominations Categories in 2020 include:
a) N. American companies Invested in CEE:
Top Business Services Investor in CEE
Top Defense/Aviation/Space Partner
Top Automotive, Transportation or Mobility Investor
Top Manufacturing Investor
Top City/Region in CEE for N. American Investors
Top CSR Initiative (U.S. to CEE)
Best Employer in CEE
Most Innovative U.S. Company in CEE
Top Commercial Real Estate Investor in CEE
Top Energy Partner in CEE
Top Medical/Lifesciences/Pharma Company in CEE

b) Central Eastern European (CEE) companies Investing in N. America:
Top FDI Investor of the Decade (from CEE to N. America)
Top US Regions (States, Counties, Special Economic Zones) for Investors from Central Eastern Europe
Top N. American Cities for Tech Investors from Europe/CEE.
Best Expansion in N. America
Best Bank for N. American expansion
Top CEE-based Digital Services provider to N. American companies
Top Manufacturing/Production
Top CEE Female Exec/Entrepreneur in N. America

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