EU subsidies of 280,000 PLN entrepreneurs.

During the first week of April, the call for applications in the “Grants for Eurogrants” program has started, financed by the Intelligent Development Operational Program. A company thinking about raising funds does not have to provide its own contribution. In the previous edition, 200 applications were received.

In this edition, also entrepreneurs who want to take part in a competition that has not yet started, if the European Commission has published the conditions for participation in the call, can also apply for funding. Moreover, entrepreneurs who have already submitted their projects for verification by the European Commission can count on assistance – provided that they submit their application to PARP no later than 30 days after the deadline for submitting the application to the EC.

Co-financing covers 100% of eligible project costs. The costs are settled in the form of a lump sum. The upper limit of co-financing varies depending on whether the project requires a feasibility study and whether the entrepreneur applies for support independently or as part of a consortium.

An entrepreneur applying independently for a subsidy for a project that requires a feasibility study will receive PLN 280,060 (in the consortium it will be about PLN 240,000). If the feasibility study is not necessary, then the same entrepreneur will receive 64,000. PLN (approx. PLN 23,000 when operating as part of a consortium).


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