Euvic 2030 has invested in the Tuatara group, increasing its competences in e.g. AI

Euvic 2030 has transacted into the Tuatara group, Euvic reported. Euvic 2030 was established to support the acquisition strategy of the Euvic group.

“Tuatara has unique competences that perfectly complement the offer of the Euvic group. It is a company with a strong customer base and extensive experience, not only on the Polish market,” said Euvic 2030 CEO Tobiasz Dobrzeiec, quoted in the release.

Tuatara is a company that combines consulting with technology to create experiences in the digital space. The company ended 2022 with PLN 30 million in revenue. The revenue expected at the end of 2023 is to reach PLN 42 million. Thanks to the established cooperation, Euvic will supplement its portfolio with innovative company products, such as Actionbot, NLP algorithms and easy integration with any application and digital channel.

Tuatara is active in European markets and the Middle East, in particular in Oman and other countries of the Persian Gulf.

“We can already see the first effects of the cooperation, thanks to which we have been able to jointly offer products and services, supported by our own solutions and technology. Not without significance is the growing presence of the Euvic group in the Middle East, where we have been successfully implementing our solutions for years,” said Krzysztof Goworek, CEO of Tuatara.

Euvic continues its growth strategy through acquisitions and market consolidation, in accordance with the adopted development strategy “Euvic 2030”.


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